RDS, the school library is a collaborative venture in which the library staff, teachers, and administrators work together to provide students.

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Music Room

RDS provides students with access to music with the aim to enhance the child’s educational experience and foster their academic, social, and emotional growth.

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Language Lab

RDS, we understand that language learning is not the same as learning any other subject. In order for someone to ace a particular language, the various skills of language

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R.D.S Education Institutes


The proposed campus would be set in the outskirts of Tundla. This 5 acres campus have all the facilities to create a global standard learning centre. By following the CBSE curriculum with a global outlook, the school leadership and faculty are committed to make your child a great learner, a problem solver and a leader who is ready to take on the world.

The above thought by Einstein puts so many things into perspective. Schooling is not the end of education but only the very beginning. Tomorrow's problems can be solved only if the individual is ready to learn, unlearn and relearn.

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Sport Games

The importance of sports in a school cannot be stressed enough. R.D.S. Education Institute offers high-end facilities for outdoor sports like Mini Golf, Cricket Net Training & Trampoline.

Curricular Activities

Participating in various competitions and events will only enhance the students’ collaborative and cognitive skills, making them 21st century ready.

Robotics Lab

Robotics is the coolest study stream. It blends Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths; and helps in boosting your creative, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills.


RDSCurriculum is a comprehensive curriculum solution and a step towards truly immersive learning. RDSCurriculum comes with seamless integration of stellar audiovisuals, hands-on activities, simulations, lesson plans, assessments and more.

Digital Classroom

An optimal digital classroom solution that caters to different kinds of learners is seamlessly integrated with our books. It can also be accessed from home on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Hands-on Learning

Our Labs, along with the resource kits, provide an engaging experience to all kinds of learners using manipulatives, simulations, group activities and more.


The mainstay of learning, our books comprise core instructional books and a learners’ companion book. To extensively supplement these, a digital version of the books is available on the RDSBooks app.


Formative and summative assessments to regularly track learners progress are available in textbooks, mentor manuals and digital classroom solutions.


To become a premier educational institution revered for grooming learners of today to become capable, responsible and performing citizens by creating a mature learning environment with the help of the teaching and parental community at large.


To achieve excellence both within and beyond the classroom. To empower teachers in guiding learners construct knowledge. To bring about an element of joy beyond the school surroundings which would nurture the learners' well-being.


  • Creating an environment of high expectations in which all people consistently strive to operate at their optimal performance levels.
  • Taking effective actions to uphold the highest standards of credibility, honesty, and ethical behaviour.
  • Working together to achieve common goals through open and honest communication.
  • Conveying thoughts and ideas through a variety of mediums that promote clarity and understanding