About R.D.S Education Institute

School Profile

R.D.S Education Institute Our Mission is to offer quality education which aims at realizing the full potential- physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual of each child. We hope to present the world to our children, so in turn , they can present themselves to the world.

The proposed campus would be set in the outskirts of Tundla. This 5 acres campus have all the facilities to create a global standard learning centre. By following the CBSE curriculum with a global outlook, the school leadership and faculty are committed to make your child a great learner, a problem solver and a leader who is ready to take on the world.


The above thought by Einstein puts so many things into perspective. Schooling is not the end of education but only the very beginning. Tomorrow's problems can be solved only if the individual is ready to learn, unlearn and relearn.


What we need to do is to create a critical system necessary to ensure st 21 century readiness for every student. Keeping this in mind, our philosophy is to encourage Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration as the 4C's that are essential to separate oneself from the rest in today's world.

Our Aim

  • To provide high quality care in a fun learning environment.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate a stimulating and challenging education program for all children based on their skills, needs and interest.
  • Develop awareness & understanding of environmental issues.
  • Provide a home like atmosphere that is safe, secure & which promotes a close personal bond between teacher-student.
  • To evolve constantly through consistent R&D work.


Our unique curriculum is designed and conceptualized with the expertise of top of the line educationists.Books are an amalgamation of in house conceptualization and books outsourced from the best content developers of this age group.

RDSCurriculum is a comprehensive curriculum solution and a step towards truly immersive learning. RDSCurriculum comes with seamless integration of stellar audiovisuals, hands-on activities, simulations, lesson plans, assessments and more.

RDSCurriculum addresses the needs of all K–12 Students by

  • Catering to every kind of learner
  • Making classrooms an engaging place to be in Creating a lifelong love for learning
  • Making learning at home engaging through carefully crafted practice exercises
  • Making children socially and culturally aware by building life skills

Emphasis is laid on

  • Experiential learning.
  • Stage exposure.
  • Personality Grooming Sessions.
  • Phonics and diction's.
  • Activities to improve fine and gross motor skills.