A wide rang of equipment is provided for both indoor and outdoor play. The Facilities Include Play, Arts and Crafts, Materials, Paints, Clay, Plasticine, Balls, Construction Toys, Puzzles, Games,Home Corner, Swings, Slides and Above all Smart Class. The school Classrooms are well Stocked with a Variety of Apparatus Equipment for work in Developing Language, Mathematics, Co-ordination Skills and in Expanding the Child's General knowledge of the world.

R.D.S Education Institute Hills has excellent facilities to enable learning process:

  • Professionally Qualified & Experienced Staff.
  • Computer aided learning.
  • State of art teaching aids and toys.
  • Mock interviews.
  • Transport Facility with GPS Tracker Available.
  • Smart Class.
  • Child Yoga.
  • Development of Manners & Language skill.
  • pure water & Clean surrounding.


Libraries in school are established with the idea of providing learning opportunities for both large and small groups of learners. These sets of learners focus on intellectual content and information literacy. School aim at ensuring that all members of the school community have equal access to books and reading, to information and information technology.

At RDS, the school library is a collaborative venture in which the library staff, teachers, and administrators work together to provide students with opportunities for their social, cultural, and educational growth.


Science involves kinesthetic learning and teaching. In order to understand its concepts, students must look beyond the conventional classroom teaching and learning from books. At RDS, the most modern labs ensure that the kids actually observe the process and understand the relationship between action and reaction, using hands on learning methods to apply the knowledge they have attained in the classroom. Anatomy models, physics and chemistry kits, for instance, make it easy to understand the otherwise complex theories of science.


Computer Lab

Technology and education today go hand in hand, and this makes it easier for students and teachers stay updated. This helps teachers improve their teaching and lesson planning skills too. The well-equipped modern computer lab at RDS aims at making the learning process a lot more simple and efficient, giving students access to tools and methods of communication unavailable offline. This helps the student be more involved with their lessons and work. Teaching students to be technologically advanced helps them prepare for any number of possible careers.

Language Lab

The world is a global village and time and again it is only being proven. With access to multiple cultures and languages, the world today has shrunk in size, thanks to the advancement of science and technology. The language laboratory helps one to use technology effectively to communicate.

At RDS, we understand that language learning is not the same as learning any other subject. In order for someone to ace a particular language, the various skills of language – reading, writing, listening and speaking, must be practised. The language lab at RDS provides a facility which allows the student to listen to model pronunciation, repeat and record the same, listen to their performance and compare with the model for self-assessment.


Evolve Yourself !

“Theoretical knowledge of a subject alone cannot guarantee the success of a child. To thrive in this technology-driven world, students need to be equipped with skills such as, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical-thinking. Thus, it is important to attempt a holistic development of their personality from a tender age.

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Communication Skills
  • Table Etiquette
  • Scout & Guide


Our transport fleet consists of comfortable air conditioned buses to pick up and drop students. Only experienced and qualified drivers are appointed after undergoing a driving test to ensure safety of our students.